Hello and Welcome!

Photo of Sarah Schmidt.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed telling stories. From scribbling super-secret diary entries and boy-crazy fan-fiction to publishing blog posts, editorials and news articles, I realized at the tender age of 15 that I could turn my passion for storytelling into a career. So I followed my heart with a degree in journalism during an especially turbulent time in the industry and launched my career in a bit of an unexpected place — advertising.

My time in advertising has taken my love for storytelling and married it with a new love for reaching and interacting with consumers on various levels and channels. I’ve helped brands create, hone and manage their own brand identity and story while growing their audience and consumer loyalty with innovative marketing, copywriting and advertising campaigns. I’m always ready to elevate the voice and impact of fledgling or long-established brands by creating compelling, genuine and action-inducing brand stories and campaigns for today’s consumer.

Here you’ll find links and examples of my work as a student, intern and professional. In the footer, you can find a link to my LinkedIn where you can contact me for any questions you may have regarding my previous work and/or my experience.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to working together!